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5 Tips for Boston Real Estate Buyers

Today’s buyer’s market in Boston is greater than ever. Capitalize on it while you can with great prices and low interest rates. There are so many gorgeous properties to choose from that you can call home. It’s a competitive market, but now is the time to pounce on a home that you really love.

The following tips are very valuable for buyers in the market for their dream home, especially if they are looking in the competitive Boston housing market.

Decide What is Truly Important to Find in a Home

The biggest thing is to make sure that everyone who is investing in the home is on the same page. Be sure to brainstorm about what exactly you want in the home before going out and searching for one. Not only will this save you valuable time, but it will also help you hone in on a type of home or neighborhood that will best serve your interests now and into the future. If you all decide what you can and cannot compromise on, choosing the right home will be a no-brainer.

Get a Pre-Approval Before Beginning Your Search

Before beginning your home search, be sure to go to a lender to get a pre-approval letter. This will tell you what you can afford and how much wiggle room you have when you decide to make an offer and compete with others for the home. This will help you to quickly make an offer when you find the right home and give the sellers confidence in your offer when you make one on their home.

Don’t Get Too Invested

With a hot real estate market, it is hard to get a home with your first offer. The best advice is to not get too attached to any one home in this competitive market because homes go on and off the market within a short amount of time. Keep your mind open to all possibilities that can occur.

Do Your Homework

If there is a certain neighborhood or area in which you want to find your dream home, be sure to do thorough research. This includes looking through MLS guides and telling your realtor about properties you might be interested in viewing. Also, attend open houses in the area and learn to pinpoint what exactly you like about the area and why.

Get to Know the Coveted Area

Depending on what neighborhood or area you are looking in, be sure to get a firm understanding of how home deals take place. Are houses going on the market and then the next day they are under contract or do they sit for a while until they get their first offer? These are all things to be aware of when you are trying to be a strategic Boston buyer.

If you have any questions about purchasing a home in the Boston area or how to go out about beginning your home search, give me a call at my office and I’d be more than happy to help you find the home of your dreams!