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12 Boston Tech Firms You Need to Know

Boston is not only a beautifully historically city, but it is also blossoming into one of the most tech savvy cities in the country. Keep an eye on these established and up-and-coming Boston tech firms, and you’ll be in-the-know.


Adelphic will soon be a household name with its innovative techniques in progress. Adelphic just snagged three of their top executives from places like Google and Yahoo. This platform and company will help consumers to gain better access to clients by aiding in providing more transparent marketing solutions to customers.


Not only is this app popular, but it is booming. It is one of the best apps for the delivery of alcohol. They plan on tapping into the international market sooner rather than later. They even had a huge breakthrough recently by getting MillerCoors to enter into an e-commerce deal with them, which sets a precedent. They are definitely an up-and-coming entity.


This site makes catering easier than ever. With options to many catering items, people are able to easily scan and choose what they want to see on their menu. They are looking to rapidly expand their number of catering offering services within the next year. They hope to experience tons of growth with consumers.


Onshape is a company looking to become the best that computer-aided design can offer. It is looking to innovate and draw in more consumers than ever before. This company will be the future of computer-aided top design in the country.


Pillpack innovates on the term pharmacy. No longer will you have to walk into a Walgreens or Wal-Mart to pick up your prescriptions at the pharmacy because Pillpack will ship personalized pre-sorted medication straight to your door. Also, this company will aim to expand from a generous donation they received.


SimpliSafe makes getting a home security system easier than ever. This system is self-installable and more affordable than any other ADP system. They will also be adding new additions to the security system such as remote access to cameras among other innovation.

Rethink Robotics

Rethink Robotics spearheads the industry in making human-esque helper robots. These robots are versatile and skilled. Day-by-day innovation in this company takes a new form. They are slowly but surely getting investors to jump on their bandwagon and grow the company. Among some of the biggest investors in the company are Goldman Sachs and Wellington. They hope to see big growth in the coming years.


Nanigans has set up ad tech, namely some great and successful ad tech for Facebook. From these humble beginnings, they moved to a service entirely based on subscription software. This is huge because they believe this is a lot more appealing to business entities and they hope to expand their prominence in this area sooner rather than later.


Harmonix, who is responsible for the releases of the ever-popular Rockband game series, is about to expand playing instruments into a virtual reality medium. After a company overhaul last year, they hope to innovate greatly in this area with a huge donation from Spark Capital and Foundry Group.

CyPhy Works

This high-profile drone company is more than incredible. They are innovating drones at the highest levels we’ve seen in years. They are not only producing drones for purchase by consumers, but also the highest level drones for the military.


This cybersecurity start-up is hitting the ground running. They have the confidence of high-end clients such as Lockheed Martin and other giants who believe in the security services that they provide.


Formlabs, with its humble beginnings taking place at the MIT Media Lab, is now taking the tech world in Boston by storm. Their newest 3D printer is known as the most advanced desktop 3D printer. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest, check out Formlabs.

Moving to Boston?

If you’re moving to Boston to work at one of these tech firms or are simply looking to relocate to explore job opportunities, let me be your guide to the Boston real estate market. I look forward to hearing from you and to helping you find the property that best suits your needs.